Cyber Security and Edge Computing Roundtable

Event date
Virtual Meeting

On Thursday 28 May, techUK will host a workshop and roundtable for members involved with emerging and transformative technologies to explore building a security-first approach to edge adoption, and to create recommendations for this transition. By using security approaches to other technologies connected to edge computing, such as IoT, to springboard this discussion, members will address:

  • Standards across edge networks that promote best practice on network management.
  • What is the role in using AI to negate security breaches across edge networks?
  • How to securely manage wide-scale edge computing networks
  • Minimising data storage on the edge and anonymizing stored data
  • New cyber security challenges edge computing brings to IoT security
  • Mitigation measures to deal with increased attack surface posed by multiple edge computing nodes

A key output from this session will be a wider report which will recommend a set of best practices for cyber conduct on the edge and will set out some policies that those transitioning to the edge can implement to ensure continued resilience. This report will provide the basis of the techUK position on cyber-security on the edge and in future will be submitted as evidence to government departments.

techUK are also looking for case studies and evidence surrounding cyber security and the edge, so if you have any further information or insight, please pass it on to Sam Wyatt, Programme Manager for Defence & Cyber, or Laura Foster, Programme Manager for Technology and Innovation.

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