About Cyber Exchange

Cyber Exchange was originally developed in 2016, to map the UK cyber sector and give companies a platform to raise their profile within the community. The platform is run in partnership between DSIT and techUK.

Mission and objectives of Cyber Exchange

  1. Continue to map the UK cyber sector; promoting cyber capability across the UK.
  2. Stimulate investment in the cyber sector, giving organisations the tools to understand the cyber security sector.
  3. Promote engagement across national and regional cyber security clusters.
  4. Providing a platform to access the latest opportunities and events, from both industry and Government.

How we support the UK Cyber Security Sector

The UK cyber security sector is regarded as one of the world’s leading, producing cutting edge cyber-capabilities and boasting rapid growth year-on-year. The most recent Government research suggests that there are 1,483 cyber security companies active in the UK, with a total revenue of over £8.9bn, employing around 46,700 full time employees. The UK retains a mature and innovative cyber landscape within the UK, seeing new and established UK cyber security companies grow year-on-year. Cyber Exchange exists to help organisations navigate and understand the sector, whilst disseminating key information on both Government and industry events, reports and news articles.

Get in touch

Thank you for visiting Cyber Exchange. Our purpose is to promote engagement nationally and regionally across the UK by providing a platform to promote, share and access opportunities and information about cyber capabilities in the UK.
If you would like to promote or share events, activities or information then please contact me, Michelle Reynolds, Community Manager via email or by using our social media channels:

The Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT) helps to drive growth, enrich lives and promote Britain abroad. Driving innovation that will deliver improved public services, create new better-paid jobs and grow the economy. We help to give the UK a unique advantage on the global stage, striving for economic success. DSIT is the Government department responsible for driving growth in cyber security across the UK.

techUK is the trade association representing the UK technology industry. Its membership of around 830 companies includes a very broad range of hardware, software and technology services companies, as well as over 500 SMEs and start-ups.

techUK’s Cyber Security programme provides a channel for our industry to engage with commercial and government partners to provide intelligence on the cyber landscape, to stimulate awareness and demand for cyber security in the UK, increase cyber exports and to support the development of a vibrant cyber eco-system in terms of growth and regulation across all nations and regions of the UK.