Cyber Leaders summit: Laying strong foundations in a turbulent world

Event date
Barbican, London

All businesses are reliant on technology to deliver their objectives. Innovation continues to advance, delivering technological capabilities that businesses must adopt to keep up with competitors. The velocity and scope of change are disruptive, but we also face an increasingly turbulent world producing new threats.

Governments are responding to this by demanding that businesses put resilience front and centre in their strategy, making the emerging cyber threats business risks.

In this Cyber leaders’ summit, we will consider the evolving regulatory and legal environment impacting how businesses view digital resilience, and how the board of directors’ responsibility is growing to ensure that resilience is not just a performative exercise but an effective strategy to enable the business.

There will also be a discussion on how the threat landscape is in constant flux, as our adversaries exploit new technologies and a better understanding of us as targets to beat our defences.

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