Deep Tech predicts and prevents cyberattacks: rumour or reality

Event date

14.00-15.30 (UK Time)

The pandemic in 2020 has brought about a huge change in how industries work: a digital transformation so to speak; and, as a result, the challenges faced have also changed. Over the past year, the number of cyber security attacks on average has tripled. Thus, enter DeepTech. DeepTech now provides a more advanced and robust approach to dealing with modern digital challenges, and cybersecurity is no exception.

Aimed at Founders, Managing Directors, and C-level or VP-Level Executives in mid-size or enterprise-level companies going through digital transformation, this webinar - organised by Network Science - will see world-class information security practitioners and visioners share their viewpoints on how businesses can avoid common cybersecurity pitfalls on their digital journey.

They’ll take a look at cyberattacks and the role of DeepTech in preventing them; delving into some of the big questions every enterprise is asking: Can we predict cyber attacks? How can we prevent our digital assets from being compromised? Can we detect which digital assets are compromised?

And does Deep Tech (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Quantum Computing, Blockchain) have the answers?

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