Eastern SASIG: Fostering trust and defending businesses from cybercrime

Event date
Chelmsford, Essex

In community policing, trust is paramount, especially when cybercrime leaves victims feeling isolated. It’s crucial to redefine the perception of the Police as a partner in the fight against cybercrime, particularly emphasising collaborative solutions to prevent SMEs from falling victim.

Join Eastern SASIG as they offer strategies you can employ to provide your organisation with a robust defence against cyber threats, learn the importance of reporting cyber-attacks to law enforcement and get to understand better the benefits to us all of doing so.

You’ll discover how cybercrimes are investigated and all the wide-ranging support and assistance available to you that should utilised when you need it most. All this while confidentiality is maintained so as to safeguard businesses from unnecessary disclosure to competitors and customers.

Representatives from Essex Police will be hosting an informal roundtable session from 3pm-4pm after the networking lunch. You will be able to network with fellow attendees and discuss directly with local Police in Essex any issues raised from the day’s event.

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