Enabling 4IR: Cyber Security, OT and ICS

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution (AKA Industry 4.0) potentially offers industry and supply chains the ability to use digital technologies to transform processes, work at much greater speed and accelerate innovation. For these technologies to be successfully implemented and widely adopted they must be underpinned by strong cyber security, requiring cybersecurity professional to exhibit a clearer understanding of business and become enablers rather than traditional inhibitors to business progress

Cyber breaches can have devastating impacts on any organisation in 2020, but for the sectors with industrial operations such as Manufacturing, Energy, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Industrial Engineering, Transport/Logistics and Consumer Goods the associated costs of unplanned downtime or inactivity are often particularly large and damaging.

Increasingly IT and OT environments are growing ever more connected and rapidly increasing the potential cyber and physical threat surfaces, often as a result of unplanned or unwitting convergence. As the various environments and technologies become further interconnected this also presents challenges around interoperability and process which have to be managed carefully.

This techUK event will be the first in a series exploring these challenges facing sectors such as manufacturing, retail and logistics, exploring how the cyber security industry can better support the adoption of digital technologies in industrial OT and IoT environments. Key issues which will be touched on will include:

  • Third Party Risk
  • Advance Digitisation
  • Personnel Requirements
  • De-perimeterisation
  • Supply Chain Security
  • Securely enabling non-enterprise IT environments
  • Zero trust networking

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