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How the perfect technology partner can supercharge your growth

Could your business be benefiting more from new technologies and data? Who could connect you to these innovative solutions? And what if you don’t speak tech? Get answers to these questions and more from local businesses who are harnessing the full power of tech to supercharge their growth.

Real and relatable

Whether you use some simple apps or you’re fully immersed in AI, technology is part of the everyday for every business. And with the right technology partner by your side, truly transformative things can happen to your revenue and growth – whatever your level of knowledge.

Join this event to hear from a panel of Sunderland technology ‘enablers’ who are using digital as a game changer when it comes to staying competitive, scaling, raising investment and solving operational challenges.

In this relaxed session, they’ll share their secrets of how to find the perfect technology partner, how to communicate and collaborate effectively with technologists, and how 5G can help you to work better, quicker and smarter.


Growth Lab events are fully-funded by the BIC’s Enterprising Sunderland programme and open to Sunderland-based businesses.

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