Infosecurity Europe Virtual Conference

Event date

During these challenging times, join Infosecurity Europe online as it brings you the industry’s leading voices first-hand from the comfort of your own home.

Infosecurity Europe has put together a three day webinar programme from 02 June to 04 June to keep you informed and engaged about the pressing industry topics. Hear about how your organisation can be more resilient; cope, recover and learn from incidents. How to implement strategies to manage human risk and how to guide your security team to better adapt and tackle ongoing challenges.

There will be sessions every day from 11:00 - 16:30 BST with informative presentations from the likes of Airbus, NCSC, JLL, Pearson, Opel, and ITV.

There will be three primary themes throughout the conference, with each day focused on tackling a separate topic.

Tuesday 02 June


Resilience is at the heart of information security. As threats adapt and evolve and we accept that systems will be compromised, it is no longer enough to have strong defences in place. The sophisticated tools and techniques of threat actors will find a way around them, highlighted by the exploitation of the Covid-19 pandemic which has seen vast amounts of targeted phishing and malware cyber-attacks.

Throughout the first day’s agenda, you will learn how your organisation, its architecture, systems, policies and strategies can be more resilient, and how to cope with, recover and learn from incidents. By building resilience across the industry, we will move towards a more secure world.

Wednesday 03 June

The Human Factor

Human risk is at the heart of information security and never has this been thrown into such sharp relief as it has during the Covid-19 crisis, as organisations have changed the way they operate, relying on technology to support unprecedented levels of home working. As a result of this it is more important than ever that CISOs are able to lead effectively, to drive secure behaviour within their organisation.

Throughout the second day, you will learn how to implement strategies to manage human risk by engaging and securing users to drive a secure mindset across the organisation. The day will end with a presentation sharing the secrets of effective leadership in information security.

Thursday 04 June

Strategic Planning

Organisations around the world are under constant pressure to develop new skills, resist stress and find innovative ways to limit disruptions to their security systems and supply chains.

In this series of webinars, you will learn how to guide your security team to better adapt and tackle ongoing challenges. You will get insight in how to manage your organisation’s governance, enterprise risk management, regulatory compliance and how to address third party risk to gain assurance over the supply chain. Throughout today’s agenda, you will learn how to develop a truly effective cybersecurity planning and engagement strategy to develop the right attitude across the workforce and set your users up for next generation security success.

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