ISCF Digital Security by Design (DSbD) Software Ecosystem Competition Briefing Event

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The DSbD programme is producing technologies that have the potential to create a step-change in addressing security from the central hardware up across the software stack of digital systems.

The ISCF Digital Security by Design (DSbD) Software Ecosystem competition – detailed investigation (single SME projects) – aims to provide the seeds for enabling the software ecosystem that will be crucial for the adoption of DSbD technologies.

This is an opportunity for SME stakeholders from across the software development spectrum to explore and investigate requirements, dependencies, and a range of potential complexities associated with the adoption of the DSbD technologies.

The competition will open on Monday 30th November and details can be found here.

For guidance on applying and more information on the scope and requirements of the competition, sign up for this briefing webinar on 27th November.