Navigating the Role of Cyber Security in Automation

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In this hour-long industry-led webinar, techUK’s Technology and Innovation Programme are excited to be joining forces with the Cyber Security Programme to explore secure adoption of Intelligent Automation (IA).

Intelligent Automation plays a vital role in enabling businesses to drastically revolutionize business services and gain a competitive edge through innovation. Intelligent Automation tools such as AI and RPA are becoming increasingly autonomous and their strategic role is expanding dramatically, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic where automation technologies were depended on for consistency and resiliency

Yet, as Intelligent Automation technologies such as RPA, AI and BPO grow in use, it opens up the possibility of greater cyber security risks. Automation tools are linked to data networks, and with some RPA and automation working on back-end processes, changes or interference can go undetected for a long time, increasing the damage of successful penetration.

Furthermore, the increasing number of connected devices deploying automation complicates the complex threat landscape that organisations have to defend against. Nevertheless, organisations are not powerless and can take measures to deploy automation securely. By understanding the cyber security threat landscape around automation, businesses can be better equipped to realize the benefits of Intelligent Automation across their products and services and ease business concerns.

This webinar, jointly run between techUK’s tech and innovation team and cyber security team will explore how technology leaders have been able to deploy Intelligent Automation effectively and securely and will look at how we can continue to do this. Enabling Intelligent Automation technologies to work together in a secure way will drive forward the future of the UK’s workforce, and this webinar will navigate how Intelligent Automation can remain secure when part of a larger network of connected devices and other emerging technologies.

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