Stress & burn out in cyber security teams – technology sector issue or a wider industry problem?

Event date

On Thursday 20 June (14.00-15.00) techUK is delighted to be hosting a webinar to explore the impact of stressful work situations and environments on the mental health of cyber security professionals, and more broadly what this means for their employers’/organisations’ cyber resilience.

Inspired by the recent launch of the Mental Health in Cyber Security Charter, techUK will be talking to a panel of senior industry representatives about how they can ensure the mental wellbeing of cyber professionals working in a relentless, high-pressure environment.

There is plenty of evidence of stress and burnout of cyber security professionals, which is why the Mental Health in Cyber Security Foundation drafted the Charter … but is this issue something that only technology companies should be aware of, or should wider industry be concerned about it too? What impact does the mental health of cyber security employees have on the organisations they work for? And what should we be doing in response to this growing concern?

This event is also an opportunity to hear more about the Mental Health in Cyber Security Charter; it’s free to attend; and open to all.

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