Cyber London

London, EC1R 3AS

Innovation through Collaboration

Our Strategy

To achieve our vision, we have developed a 2030 strategy that is aligned with the National Cyber Strategy and the strategic objectives of UKC3. Under each pillar are a set of activities which inform our business plan.


  • We will support London’s cyber security eco-system to become a world-leader in innovation and sustainability.
  • We will develop strategic partnerships to deliver growth and attract inward investment.
  • We will create a knowledge hub for international collaboration, learning and information sharing.


  • We will support Londoners to develop the skills for tomorrow.
  • We will promote initiatives aimed at addressing the cybersecurity skills gap.
  • We will ensure London has the best talent available to tackle current and future cyber threats.


  • We will build a strong and forward-thinking community that is passionate about innovation.
  • We will connect organisations across London to develop and maintain a healthy ecosystem.
  • We will host regular events, seminars and forums to provide the community with the knowledge and skills they need to grow.


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