Government response on software resilience and security


The government's response to the call for views on software resilience and security for businesses and organisations.

In February 2023 the government published a call for views on software resilience and security for businesses and organisations. The government is now publishing its response.

Cyber attacks targeting weaknesses in software continue to affect many organisations across the UK. Recent, high profile attacks demonstrate the urgency and importance of improving software security at scale, in order to improve cyber resilience in all technologies and across all sectors of the UK. The call for views gathered public views on the range of risks linked to software, to understand what is already being done to manage the associated risks, and sought views on what further government action would be most effective at driving improvements.

The call for views ran for 12 weeks from 6 February to 1 May 2023, during which time the government engaged with over 200 stakeholders from a wide range of organisations and sectors through a variety of workshops, webinars and bilateral meetings.

Submissions were received from 136 software vendors, developers and customers, academics, insurance bodies, cyber security experts and other industry stakeholders. This breadth of views has formed the basis for the analysis, and has shaped the government’s approach to software security and resilience moving forward.

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To read more about the government’s policies in this area please visit the cyber resilience section.

This work is part of the government’s £2.6 billion National Cyber Strategy to protect and promote the UK online.

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