PSTI product security regime comes into force


From Monday 29 April 2024, new laws came into force to protect consumers from cyber vulnerabilities being exploited by cyber criminals. Consumer products with internet or network connectivity, from smartphones to connectable fridges must meet minimum-security standards to protect against hacking and cyber-attacks.

Manufacturers of connectable products must implement minimum security standards against cyber threats, and consumers will benefit from banning of easily guessable default passwords, marking a significant leap in protecting individuals, society and the economy from cyber criminals. This is a significant step towards boosting the UK’s resilience towards cyber-crime.

Recent figures show that 99% of UK adults own at least one smart device and that UK households own an average of nine connected devices. The PSTI regime will help to improve the cyber security of consumer connected products, give customers confidence in their products and help them make informed purchasing decisions.

The National Cyber Security Centre have published information on what consumers can expect and consumers and cyber security experts can play an active role in protecting themselves and society by reporting non-compliance to the Office for Product Safety and Standards.

Reporting Non-Compliance