The Cyber Security Landscape - South East


As part of the UK Cyber Security Sectoral Analysis 2021, Government explored the number of cyber security firms; offices; and the estimated share of UK activity (weighted for revenue, employment and the number of firms) for each region.

For the South East, the report identifies the following:

  • 309 registered cyber security businesses
  • 577 active offices related to the cyber security sector
  • Home to around 18% of the UK cyber security sector’s employment
  • Key hotspots for cyber security activity include Oxford, Milton Keynes, Southampton, Reading, Portsmouth, and Brighton.
  • Employers include firms such as Sophos, Carbon Black, Fortinet, and FireEye

The region is also home to the South East Cyber Security Cluster, Oxford Cyber Security Cluster, and Thames Valley Cluster.

Take a look at the key findings of the full report here.