The LORCA Report 2020: Making of an Ecosystem


LORCA have published this report to take the pulse of our cyber ecosystem.

Drawing on insights from LORCA’s members, the industry roundtables they’ve held, figures from research company Beauhurst and hours of interviews with representatives from across the sector, LORCA have identified five macro trends defining cybersecurity now and in the new future.

They’ve also identified five key challenges that industry and society face – and five examples of how our innovation community is responding.

But LORCA’s report has also exposed a gap. The sector’s growth in the last few years has happened so fast that we haven’t got a definitive map of the UK’s cyber innovation ecosystem in its entirety to help us all differentiate between solutions, enable more collaboration and patch danger zones before they become chronic problems. So that’s what LORCA plans to do this year as a follow-up to this report.

Whether you’re a student, a security professional, a VC or a CEO who recognises cybersecurity’s role as an enabler for innovation and transformation, we hope you’ll play an active role in the sector’s next chapter and use this report to engage with the ecosystem.

Click here to read the full report.