The Route to Chartership for the UK’s Cyber Professionals


As an organisation which has been granted Royal Chartered status, the UK Cyber Security Council now has the power to set industry standards and award professional titles for those working in the cyber profession.

The Council will be launching a pilot programme which will see the launch of their professional register and professional standards for the UK’s cyber profession.

It’s an incredibly exciting time for the Council and the industry, with the pilot programme set to usher in the UK’s first ever chartered cyber professionals by the end of the year.

Why the Council Is Introducing a New Professional Standard for the Industry

UKCSC is committed to helping the UK become the safest place in the world to work and live online.

As part of this, it is important that we create a vibrant and diverse cyber security profession, capable of cultivating the skills needed to ensure the UK is a world leader in cyber.

They are piloting a professional standard for the profession, as they believe it will:

  • Create a universally recognised standard, which will provide certainty around the skills and competencies associated with each level of professional title
  • Help create a clear route map both into the profession and for progression within it
  • Bring the cyber sector in line with professions such as engineering or accountancy, which already have successful models for providing chartered professionals

Overall, the Council believe introducing a universally recognised professional standard for the industry will help bring clarity for both cyber practitioners and employers across the UK looking for cyber expertise.

The UK Cyber Security Council’s Professional Standard Pilot Programme


This professional standard pilot programme has launched with two initial specialisms – Cyber Security Governance and Risk ManagementandSecure System Architecture and Design.

Additional specialisms will be added throughout 2023.

The Council is running the pilot scheme with two pilot participant bodies. These bodies will be responsible for assessing applications to be placed on the register of professionals.

The Different Professional Titles

There are three professional titles aligned to the Council’s professional standard. These are:

  • Associate
  • Principal
  • Chartered

Taking Part in the UK Cyber Security Council’s Pilot Programme

Candidates for our professional standard pilot programme will be selected for application in September.

Candidates will be assessed for two cyber security specialisms:

  • Cyber Security Governance and Risk Management
  • Secure System Architecture and Design

The Assessment Process

The pilot programme will see applicants judged against the Council’s professional standard and assessed by the pilot participant bodies according to the three titles.

Individuals must evidence their ability and industry experience, aligned with the specific specialism.

Participants will be assessed on the basis of their competency in each specialism, this will be via an interview process depending on which title is requested.

Looking Ahead

As we develop the pilot programme, we will add more cyber security specialisms. These will be aligned to our professional registration roadmap and interested parties will be able to apply for these specialisms.

We will announce further detail about future specialisms – and the process by which candidates can apply – in due course.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the route to chartership by emailing [email protected].

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