Can you contribute to Supply-chain Assurance and Risk Management research?


Academic researchers from Liverpool John Moores University and supply chain experts from Crossword Cybersecurity are looking for organisations to provide input in developing a better way of conducting Supply Chain Risk management.

What is the purpose of this research?

To devise a more effective and efficient way for organisations to manage risk in Supply Chains. This research will assess new innovative methods which aim to:

- Improve visibility of risks in supply chains

- Reduce supplier fatigue caused by the assurance process

- Reduce the cost of assuring suppliers

- Move towards continuous assurance

Why have I been invited to take part?

Liverpool John Moores University and Crossword Cybersecurity need to hear from professionals in organisations involved in UK Manufacturing Supply Chains. You could be involved in procurement, supplier management, someone who completes assurance requests, or you could in some way have specialist knowledge in manufacturing supply chain risk management.

Your inputs will help us understand the problems better and then give us feedback on our different ideas for making improvements. Ultimately our objective is to understand your problems and propose solutions – which is why we need your input.

What am I being asked to do?

We would like to invite you to a 1-hour online meeting with researchers who will explain the research further and, if you are in agreement, ask you a series of questions about supply chain assurance and risk management. You will not be identifiable in any ensuing reports or publications and all information provided in the research will be managed by Liverpool John Moores University.

If you would like to engage further in this research, we would invite you to join us for some group forums and reviewing prototypes that we will be working on as part of this research.

Who is funding this research?

This research is funded by Crossword Cybersecurity, Liverpool John Moores University and Innovate UK. Innovate UK drives productivity and economic growth by supporting businesses to develop and realise the potential of new ideas. Innovate UK is part of UK Research and Innovation.

For further information, contact:

Lola Adeyemi, Project Manager: [email protected]

Professor Claire Hannibal, Principal Investigator: [email protected]

Jack Rowan, Research Associate: [email protected]

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